Unlocking the Benefits of Solar Energy for Escalating Summer Bills

A close up of a solar panel on top of a building

Arizona, the sun-drenched state known for its scorching summers, faces a unique energy challenge with soaring electricity bills during the hot season. However, solar energy presents an effective solution to combat the escalating summer bills that often double or even triple compared to winter bills. By harnessing the abundant Arizona sunshine, homeowners can unlock the…

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The Case for Batteries

A group of houses with lights on the top.

Home battery systems have two primary roles: peak-shaving and back-up power during outages. Peak shaving is the everyday process of storing excess energy from the solar PV for later use. During normal operation it is used in the home to offset the higher electrical rate periods such as “on-peak†and can be a substantial savings on…

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Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act:  How Non-Profits Can Benefit

A solar panel on the side of a roof.

Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in addressing social, environmental, and community needs. To support their missions, non-profits often rely on grants, donations, and various financial strategies. Understanding available tax incentives and reductions is essential for effective financial planning and decision-making. One such incentive is the Inflation Reduction Act, which offers non-profits a 30% reduction…

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